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What Makes Up Solar Street Lights

Solar-powered street lights are composed by:

Solar panel

In charge of converting the sunlight into electricity.

Lighting fixture

The primary light source is LEDs.

LEDs are around 50% more efficient than their counterparts, the conventional High-Pressure Sodium Fixtures (HPSF), delivering higher luminosity with lower energy consumption.

Rechargeable battery

The energy produced by the panel during the day is stored in a battery, so it is available to be used at night.


Poles will hold the solar light arrangement on-site, and panels might go on top of the light or integrated to the pole structure.

Advantages of solar-powered street lights

Here are some of the major advantages of solar power street lights.

1. Install them anywhere

They are perfectly suitable for any exterior light requirement.

• Street and roadways

• Pathways

• Parking lots

• Perimeter security

• Parks

• Signals

2. Saving money

Solar-powered street lights have almost no operating cost associated. Just put the lights up and leave the rest to the sun.

Technical Drawing

Light Distribution